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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Noisy Neighbours

Our neighbours don't half make a noise. Not squabbling, shouting, loud music (although they do play a fair bit of music, but it's not loud.) children screaming and shouting or even dogs barking. (sorry to say, ours do their fair share of barking!) The noise is from drills, sanders and other D.I.Y. equipment. As I write this, there is a very loud droning sound coming from next door. It is so annoying that it's beginning to give me a headache. There were some odd clanking sounds coming through the walls the other day, and we were sitting in our lounge and watching television and trying to work out what it could be. We eventually came to the conclusion that they were putting in new central heating, and the clanking sound was the sound of the pipes and probably the radiators being fitted.
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