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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Two weeks ago I went for an interview to work as a volunteer at M.a.D. (Make A Difference) a charity which works with you people, particularly those who have behavoural problems. It is based in the old Milton Keynes bus station building, and previously was a night club. Recently P.M. David Cameron gave a speech there to Sixth-Formers from Milton Keynes Academy (and can be seen on The Guardian newspaper website, if you know where to look. There are photographs on Milton Keynes Academy's visual display boards throughout the Academy building (and I've seen them whilst waiting in the reception area for Carol.) I have been sent an email from M.a.D. this morning which had attachments which included a Befriender Pack. I will have to make a C.R.B. Disclosure before I can do any work for them. They are particularly interested in my puppetry-work, as puppetry is  the sort of thing that they are keen to have going on in the building.
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