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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spring Bank Holiday

It might be Half Term for the rest of Milton Keynes schools this week, but it's work as usual at the Milton Keynes Academy. It seems to set it's own dates and times of it's terms itself, so it means that whilst children at the rest of the schools across Milton Keynes will be off this week, those at the Academy will be working. Never mind, though, as the Academy will be having it's Half-Term next week.

Carol and I went out yesterday. We went to  Willington Garden Centre, (just the other side of Bedford, and the next village to where I lived as a child.) We used the recently-opened road between Brogborough and the MI and Bedford, and I was very surprised how quickly we got to Willington (no more than half an hour.) It was surprisingly quiet, we wondered where all the people were. I hadn't been there in around 10 years (I used to take one of my regular 'outreach' clients there, I seem to remember.) and it was pleasant to wander around the plants and other items. We had coffee, and sat in the restaurant near the fishpond, and there is a part where the fish can actually come into the restaurant in a special section of the pond. Some of the fish were really large, and it was interesting to see them floating past in the depths of the pond as we sipped our lattes. From there we drove to Barton-In-The-Clay, where we visited the Old Mill Shopping Village, constructed around an old mill (not surprisingly). We'd been there several weeks ago and went into the antiques centre. We had brought a rather attractive glass ornament in the shape of an elephant, and we were somewhat surprised to find that this centre was closing down, due to the end of it's lease. It was somewhat sad to see the place half-emptied of it's stock. We would have bought another rather nice piece of glass, but they wouldn't accept a Debit card, and as we had no cash on us, we couldn't buy it.
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