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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Reading My 'Novel'

I have read Carol some of my 'novel' this morning. I'm not sure whether 'novel' is the right word. It was really strange, because I've been writing this for around a year now, and have kept it to myself for so long, and she's had no idea what it's about, so it's a bit like 'letting it out' into the wider world.  It is very strange. The whole process of writing is so peculiar, you create your own world and then people it with your own characters, and it's so private, to suddenly release it is somehow liberating, if that makes sense. It might be better to call this work a 'sequence' as it's a series of stories set around the same location, and how these intercut with each other. I can't explain it better than that. Once I get going, it's actually quite difficult to stop writing, the words just 'flow.' The planning of the thing is quite important and you have to have some idea where the story is heading, so I have got quite a lot of 'story arcs' planned out, which makes the writing a good deal easier.
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