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Monday, July 11, 2011

Noisy Neighbour- Mowing and generally making extraneous noises

Our neighbour is mowing his lawn. Fair enough, you may ask. It may need doing and it is sunny and bright this afternoon, so make the most of it. He can come and mow our lawn any time he likes, particulalrly the front lawn. I can't do it myself, my heart condition won't allow heavy lifting or pushing (a good enough excuse, you may be thinking, and you'd be right.) They make all sorts of odd noises, particularly hammering, sawing, running all manner of electrical equipment, such as something which sounds as if it's a sander or planer. Their dog annoys our dogs, usually Alfie, who stands and stares at the fence where I presume they have their rabbit cages (I think he can hear their rabbits scrabbling around in their cages.) and then, when their dog comes out of their house, it picks a fight with Alfie, who stands his ground and barks loudly. For such a small dog he is extremely brave. The fence, which is between them, is in a really bad state. Not only can Alfie see the other dog, but the fence is at the point of giving up under the assault from the neighbour's dog. I have told the agency about this, but they have done nothing to repair the fence.

Neighbour's son is at home making more noise. Carol teaches him. I begin to wonder whether he's been sent home due to behaviour issues. Or perhaps he's sick. I don't know and I'm not really bothered.
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