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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Talk Talk Poor Internet Connection

My internet service provider is Talk Talk. We have had quite a few problems with the internet  We have a wi-fi connection. It seems to be fine for other internet-connected computers and gadgets, including Carol's iPod Touch and Daniel's laptop. The iMac has been set up in our bedroom, but the wi-fi signal seems to drop out several times over the course of the day. You have to turn off the Airport on the iMac, and then the actual modem which is downstairs in the lounge, so there's quite often a fair amount of running up and down stairs until the thing resolves itself, but then there can be absolutely no internet connection for a whole day. This has been going on for several months now, but I rang TalkTalk to try and get them to resolve things. There is a point where you have to do something about this sort of thing, so I rang their number and then had to go through quite a few  'menu options' before I managed to speak to a human. I was THEN put through to someone in the 'Technical Department' and they decided that they'd do a test of our line to see if they could detect a problem, because they told me that it wasn't the wi-fi which was causing the problems (but I personally doubt it.) We had to unscrew one of the telephone line boxes, the one in the hall, and then plug the 'splitter' in to the socket which was underneath the cover.
They had my mobile number, because the phone was cut off during this 'line test.' About half an hour later I got a phone call from TalkTalk to say that they'd tested the line and that there had been a poor connection or something somewhere or other and that it was now sorted. So we put the front panel back together and reconnected the splitter (the thing that splits the line into 'broadband internet and telephone, so they can be run together from the one telephone socket.) It seemed to work fine. But I have since found that the iMac upstairs didn't connect any better. Infact, it was just as confounded awkward as it was before the line test. I'm more than ever certain it has to be something to do with the wi-fi and I have since bought the computer downstairs and connected it direct into the modem instead of using the wi-fi. The internet connects quickly and there's no problem. So, to conclude, I reckon that it has to be the wi-fi that has been causing all the problems.
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