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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Writing Novel

Things are progressing well. I wrote around three more pages yesterday.  I've written a further third of a page this morning. It's easier than I'd imagined. Once the thing flows, I just have to keep on writing. I write with a pencil, on a ringbound pad, A4. I have written with a ball-point or a black pen, but I prefer pencil as it's easier to rub things out with an eraser and correct.  I have several pencils and keep them sharpened at all times. I don't like things to be too fixed at this early stage, which is why I don't like ink to write with.  I have worked in the lounge and sat in an armchair to write. It's important that there isn't a lot of noise to distract me. I don't need complicated technology to write on, although I have written other things directly onto word processing software on my computer. I can type reasonably fast. I have now cleared a space in the spare room in this house, and yesterday afternoon, which was a really productive day, I sat at the desk and wrote. I have a comfortable office chair in there. I have an electric dictionary which is good for spell-checking (It's a Franklin Collins English Dictionary, Express Edition,  I got it from Amazon.) I go back over what I have written several times and rewrite if I think it's necessary. Then, when I have quite a few pages, I transfer the whole lot onto Word on the iMac. It's at that point I am able to print it off and read it in draft, and can make further corrections as I read.
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