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Monday, October 31, 2011

Holiday In Yorkshire- Part 4

We have had several holidays in Yorkshire. We first went there in 2006. We hadn't known each other very long, but we decided that we loved the place. The cottage was in Cowling, further west, along the Pennines and almost on the Yorkshire/Lancashire border. We then went again the following April, and stayed in a village called Slingsby, a short distance from Castle Howard. Our last holiday there was three years ago, when we stayed in a converted barn near Northallerton. We have decided, when the time is right we will move to Yorkshire. Carol had seen a job she was interested in advertised in the T.E.S. (Times Education Supplement) but the job would have started too soon. It would need to have started next September. To be able to apply and give us time to look for accomodation in the area. She read more about this school, Trinity Academy in Halifax, and it sounded the sort of school she would like to teach in. She emailed to say that she would like to visit to have a look round, and that we would be in the area. They eventually emailed back to say that they were interested, having read her C.V. and the fact that they were moving from an old building into a new, a similar situation which Carol has had with working for Milton Keynes Academy, where the school was originally in an old building, the Frank Markham School (now demolished) and moved into a new building and becoming an Academy. On the Monday we went out with the dogs, driving up the coast towards Whitby. The scenery was breathtaking. Having lived in the south of England for most of my life, which is, generally speaking, reasonably flat, to come to Yorkshire and see some 'proper countryside' is really great. On the way back Carol rang  the school in Halifax on the mobile and was told that we could visit the next day (Tuesday) and that there would be someone available there to shows us around at 11.30 on Tuesday morning.

 Old car we saw at petrol station as we were filling up with petrol ourselves. I have no idea what sort of car it is. Any ideas, please let me know. It would be easy if you recognize the shape of the bonnet etc.

 Whitby Abbey, as seen from the road as we drove past.

The next day (Tuesday) we decided to leave early for Halifax. The dogs were left in the cottage with water and food, and we drove away, leaving at around 8.30. We had around 60 miles to Halifax. Most of it was on Motorway. We know the Halifax area reasonably well (Cowling is around 20 miles further north.) and is in the Calder Valley. Coming off the M62 we had a bit of a problem finding the right road for Halifax, and once we got there we had to ask a lady who was walking past for some directions. We found the school alright, and went in, having parked the car. We had to wait in reception until the lady from H.R. came to see us and give us a guided tour. This lasted around 45 minutes. Apparently the school was impressed by Carol's C.V. and said to keep in contact as there are going to be vacancies in the science department when the school moves to the new building (which we saw being constructed, further down the hill from the old building.)
On leaving the school we headed back towards Flamborough Head, but went via Cowling, just to say we'd gone through it, and eventually through such places as Haworth (where the Brontes lived and wrote their novels.) When we'd come to Yorkshire in 2006 we went on a steam train along the Werth Valley (which, incidentally, was used for filming the  Lionel Jeffries film "The Railway Children" in the 1970's and starring, Jenny Agutter, Bernard Cribbins and Dinah Sheridan.) We stopped at Haworth, and walked up the hill to the parsonage, although we did not go inside. We eventually got to Saltaire, just outside Bradford, and visited Salt's Mill. We had a break and went to the restaurant and had soup and a roll.
Salt's Mill, interior. This is a World Heritage Site and was a spinning mill, now turned into a retail centre and art gallery.

This is somewhere we visited on our first Yorkshire trip in 2006.  I was interested to visit, not only from a historical point of view, but also due to the fact that there is a permanent exhibition of paintings by one of my favourite artists in Salt's mill, and also local boy, David Hockney. Carol bought me Hockney's fascinating book when we were here last, "Secret Knowledge." We also visited the National Media Museum, which was well worth a visit. Hopefully, if we move to Yorkshire, all these places will be virtually on our doorstep.

Exterior of Salt's Mill, Saltaire, Bradford, Yorkshire

We left Saltaire and got onto the road out of the area, and eventually met the M62 and crossed Yorkshire back to the cottage on Flamborough Head. 

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