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Monday, October 31, 2011

Holiday In Yorkshire- Part 3

We unloaded the car, and, having explored the cottage, we went back towards Bridlington as we needed to get groceries for the week. We had come past a branch of Co-Operative (as their slogan goes 'good with food.') and decided that we could do our shopping there. The usual basic items like milk, bread and washing-up liquid, which would see us through the week.
 Anyway, the boring bit out of the way, and taken back to the cottage and unloaded, we decided to then take the dogs out in the car, regardless of the fact that we had driven some 250 miles. We went to see the coast-line only a mile or so further up the road from where we were staying. North Landing is a steep cliff-wall down to the beach, and there is a life boat station there where the lifeboats are launched. The dogs had a good time scrambling down the steep incline and Alfie had fun climbing down some metal steps onto the beach. Carol and myself found the slope quite hard going. If you were to run it would have been dangerous, as well as the climb back up the cliff and incline. There are limestone cliffs and in some of these cliffs caves and on one side arches carved out by the wave action of the sea.
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