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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Holiday In Yorkshire- Part 1

We've been away for the past week, on holiday in Yorkshire, and Flamborough Head to be more precise. So that will explain to those of you who are regular readers of my meanderings on here, why I have not posted anything. It would have been nice if I had been able to write each day's 'doings' as it were, but the cottage where we stayed, although very pleasant in every other aspect did not have wi-fi, so we were unable to read or send emails or write this blog. We took lots of photographs, so I should be able to amend my jottings with some of these pictures.

We took both dogs with us. We've taken Poppy before, but not Alfie. As I must have mentioned elsewhere in these posts, he doesn't travel well in the car. We got a cage which sits in the back of the car and he's reasonably happy going in that. Carol managed to get both dogs into the car without much fuss. I think perhaps it was so early that Alfie was half asleep when she did it! Poppy seemed really quite happy to sit in the space in the back of the car without making any fuss. Perhaps with the boot closed and the parcel shelf in place both dogs were safe and secure which might explain why they made no noise for most of the journey north to Yorkshire.

We had decided that we would leave for Yorkshire on the Friday, after Carol finished work, but, after some discussion, we thought it would be more sense to go up on the Saturday morning, really early, as it would mean we'd have had a good night's sleep, and we would be driving during daylight. It's a good four-hour drive, if not slightly longer, and going up on the Friday would mean that the last part would be in the dark. When we last drove to Yorkshire, when we'd stayed in a cottage near Northallerton, we'd gone up late and found it quite difficult finding the cottage in the dark.
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