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Friday, December 23, 2011

Morrison's Mayhem . . . amongst OTHER Things!

Carol had a tutoring session this morning. She went out at around 10 a.m. and was back by gone 11. We had arranged with Chloe and Steve to meet them in Stony Stratford, at a cafe called Mange Tout. We weren't sure exactly where it was, but, having been there before we knew that, if it was in the High Street, it wouldn't be too difficult to find. We managed to park the car on the street leading into the town centre and parked. We had their Christmas present, purchased from Boot's a few weeks ago and wrapped and ready to give to them. We walked along the High Street, found the cafe and waited as they weren't yet there. After a few minutes Carol saw them walking towards us, together with Jade, Chloe's niece, we went into the cafe. It was very crowded, but managed to find a table. There was little room at the table, but then some customers left and we were able to move to another table with more space. They have managed to arrange a date for their wedding, which will be in August 2012, down in part of the country where Steve's parents live, in Devon. So we have that to look forward to. Makes me proud as her Dad, and the fact that I might not have seen any of this due to my heart attack over 5 years ago. We didn't stay too long, as Louisa, Chloe's half-sister (and Jade's mum) turned up. I presume that she had driven them to Stony, as she and her husband Richard live fairly nearby in Potterspury. We said goodbye and then returned to the car. We had some final bits and pieces to shop for, so Carol suggested Morrison's at Westcroft, so we drove back into Milton Keynes and went to Westcroft. On arrival at the carpark, the place was heaving with cars driving in and out, and the crowds within the supermarket were very extensive, to put it mildly. If things were busy in Asda yesterday, they were even more so in Morrisons. Having purchased a fairly meagre amount of stuff we had to queue for well over 45 MINUTES in order to reach the check-out! I thought the other people in the queue were very patient and I have to say I admire Morrison's staff for their dedication and patience. I think they hnestly deserve a bonus for the work they were doing. By the time we eventually got outside to the car it was raining, and Carol went to get the car while I waited outside the car and then I put the shopping on the back seat of the car and we drove home.  I just hope there isn't anything further we need on the shopping front, as if we have forgotten anything then we won't really want to go out shopping tomorrow.
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