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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Asda commerical made in Bletchley store

Went to Asda this morning. There was a film crew in there, making, as we discovered, a new Asda television commercial. It's not the first time the Bletchley store has been the location for a commercial for Asda. I can't believe it takes so many people to shoot something that will be on screen for no more than a minute. Well, I suppose I should know, considering I've done a fair amount of film and television work as a supporting artiste. They'd blocked off one aisle, which meant if you wanted to buy anything in that particular aisle, one of the runners or assistants could get it for you. The aisle was full of cameras, lighting equipment and all the other film-making paraphinalia. We seemed to be in the store forever, and the film-making was quite an attraction, not only to ourselves but the other shoppers also.
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