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Friday, January 20, 2012

Free Tickets for television show "Pointless"

We have got tickets to see the gameshow "Pointless" being recorded at B.B.C. Television Centre on 16th February. We applied a few weeks ago, and I was wondering if we'd been successful. We have seen "Dead Ringers" recorded at Television Centre and went to see a couple of BBC radio shows recorded at the Drill Hall in London, one was called "The Write Stuff" a literary panel game which had Sebastian Faulks, author of "Birdsong" as a contestant. The other was a sitcom called "Clement Doesn't Live Here Anymore." No, I don't think it has survived much beyond one series. Not particularly funny, but it was interesting to see how they did the sound effects and how the actors performed for the microphone. I have seen quite a few television shows recorded over the years, going back to around the time I left school in the late '60s, a sitcom with Derek Nimmo, set in a monestry (I forget the title of it now.) an episode of "The Dick Emery Show" and something at London Weekend Television, the name of which totally escapes me now. It was when I was building up an interest in television as a career and working in theatre as an A.S.M. and it was useful to be able to see how a television show was put together and produced. The tickets are free so it makes a good evening's entertainment, although you must never treat it like a theatre performance, as you don't always see all the sets as you would in a theatre, some of the scenes are shot of sets that are not seen by the audience (you watch these scenes on a monitor) and the show may take a good deal longer than the running time of the broadcast, as there are breaks for scene changes, or whenever there is a technical problem. "Dead Ringers" took around two hours to record, as there were quite a few technical hitches, the actors fluffed their lines etc etc.
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