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Monday, February 27, 2012

Another Doggy Walk!

It was a bright and sunny afternoon on Saturday, so we decided to take the dogs for another walk. The usual havoc as soon as we went near the leads! Alfie went totally mad, barking madly and attempting to attack Poppy's lead. We did manage to get him into the cage in the boot of the car and Poppy jumped onto the back seat. We went to Furzton Lakes, which is a relatively short drive up Chaffron Way. The carpark near the lake was really full, and it seemed that every other dog-owner had got the same idea as us as we walked gradually round the lake. It is around a two-mile walk, so the dogs were well and truly exercised. We let Alfie off his lead, and he really loved running up and down and meeting up with the other dogs. We don't let Poppy off when near water as she has a habit of jumping in. It may have been sunny, but I think the water in the lake would have been too cold. Alfie has been in, but I don't think he likes it much. He did an unexpected jump in over a low wall when we walked along the canal some while ago (this is mentioned in an earlier post.) and was somewhat surprised to discover that water is cold and extremely wet, so won't go near again, having learned the hard way! The locals would have been totally aware of Alfie's presence, as he began yapping and generally making a lot of noise as soon as we stopped the car in the carpark.
We had some shopping we needed to do so drove to Morrison's at Westcroft, leaving the dogs in the car as we went in. We were somewhat surprised to discover that the store is in the midst of being re-fitted, as a lot of the shelving units have been moved. When we went to Bridlington in October, as part of our holiday to Flamborough Head, we went into the local branch of Morrison's and found that branch was being renovated, so perhaps all branches are having similar work done.
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