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Friday, February 10, 2012

Overnight Snow, but a sunny morning

It has snowed overnight, although it can't have been much. This morning it's quite bright and sunny out. It's really rather beautiful, a hazy sun on snow, giving a sort of muted light. I really should go out with the camera and try and capture this somehow. 

The dogs reaction to snow is intriguing. Poppy seems to love it, and she prances around in it happily. She's got a really thick coat, so she can keep warm. Alfie has a rather thin silky coat and suffers from cold terribly. Infact, at both ends of the temperature range. We took him for a walk at the Marston Millenium  Country Park a couple of years ago on a rather hot day and he was reacting badly, trying to lay in the shade and we feared it might result in fatal results, so we came home quickly, with him making horrible noises in the back of the car. I'm not so sure how he takes to snow. He will go out into the garden and run around, but I don't think he likes it much. You have to keep an eye on hi. He starts to shiver so I am reluctant for him to stay out for long.

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