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Monday, February 06, 2012

Snow, ice and nowhere to go

We stayed in all of yesterday, due to the weather. We have come to the very simple conclusion that, as Milton Keynes is once again shrouded in snow, although nowhere near as bad as last year, or even the year before, there was really no point in braving the elements and going anywhere in the car. We managed to get the car fixed before the snows came. We managed to get shopping done in Sainsbury's on Saturday morning, on the way home from having the new tyres put on the car, so we 'battened down the hatches' and made sure the house was sufficiently warm and just stayed in for the rest of the weekend. This included not going to church on Sunday, even though M.K.C.C. is a short walk or drive from here. There is always the possibility of slipping over in the snow and ice, the car skidding off the road or into another car, or just not getting in and out of either our drive, Eaglestone, or any of the minor roads we'd need to use. 

We are seeing reports on the television news of the road and other transport conditions at the moment, some of it looking decidedly nasty. Unless a journey is desperately important, what is the point in going out in it? And if people will insist on going out in this weather, they really do expect to get either stuck in the snow or to have an accident of some sort. I just get somewhat annoyed that people then expect others, namely the emergency services, to come to their rescue. It's just putting other people's lives at risk for their selfish ends. Just stay indoors, in the warm, and just say to yourself 'this is winter. The weather can be very unpleasant at this time of the year. It's to be expected. So don't go out in it.' Logical advice, I would have thought, particularly as we've had plenty of warning about the weather.
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