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Friday, February 03, 2012

Sorting Out Car Problems

We have managed to order a new car battery on-line. It should arrive sometime before 5.p.m. today. Tom, one of Carol's colleagues at the Academy, is coming to help to take out the old battery and put in the new one. We have no tools, and he has a set. So that, hopefully, will sort that problem out. Tomorrow we are having a new set of tyres fitted on the car- already paid for on-line. There is one tyre which is always requiring air in it whenever we go out. It's the off-side front tyre. It may be caused by the fact that there are so many roundabouts in Milton Keynes or else it's the poor quality of the roads around here. There are still a number of potholes left as a result of last winter's snow and ice. The local authority has repaired quite a few, but a lot have been left, and, with the amount of traffic running over them, adding to the further deteriation of the road surface in some areas. We did see Council workmen repairing the road surface along Chaffron Way the other day. They seem to have left it rather late, though. 

The weather has got considerably worse over the last few days. Today it's extremely cold. I am making sure I wrap up warm, with a wooly hat, scarf and gloves. I have been getting very cold hands as a result and some of my fingers have felt numb. In fact, a couple of fingers on both hands have gone white and felt really numb. I think it has something to do with blood circulation. I think if this continues I may have to make a doctor's appointment as I am worried that it may lead to another blood clot, but I'm not entirely sure what is causing it.

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