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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cold and Foggy Morning

It's a relatively cold and foggy morning as I write this (at 7.50 a.m.) We went over to the Academy in the car, but found that it's virtually out of petrol, so I dropped off Carol and walked back along the Redway. There is quite a display of primroses out in the glade of trees as I walked past and the daffodills are out on the road-side as you come into the entrance of the Academy. No doubt once the fog has cleared it will be bright and sunny, which is normal for this time of the year.

The washing machine has been out of action for the past three weeks or so. As we live in a rented house the washing machine belongs to the landlord. He replaced the cooker some while ago, and we're optimistic that the same will happen with the washing machine. We have been without it for around three weeks now. It has fused out on several occasions and we kept replacing the fuses in the plugs but then it refused to work completely and flooded the kitchen floor. We had to get an engineer out, without a call-out charge being incurred, and was told that the problem was caused by the leak dripping onto a circuit inside the machine, this causing the machine to fuse. Apart from anything this is somewhat dangerous, as you might imagine. The cost of the repair would be £140. When you can buy a new, basic automatic washing machine for around the same price it seems more economical to simply replace it rather than repair it. Phone calls have been going back and forth between ourselves and the agency and then they've been trying to get hold of the landlord, but still no sign of a new washing machine, but we are hopeful that this will be resolved within the next couple of days. The the agency decided that they ought to do an annual inspection of the house, so we've spent the past week cleaning the house and it is totally spotless.

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