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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Problem Not Solved . . . For the Time Being

Our landlord sent a plumber to look at the complete mess caused by the washing-machine. It turns out that, as he can't turn off the water at either the point where the washing machine is connected or at the stop-cock, the whole water supply will need turning off in the road outside, and you have to have permission from the Anglia Water, the supply company, before work can commence on replacing bits and pieces of pipe within the house.  If too much pressure is applied to any of the taps, stop-cocks etc there is the possibility of the pipes breaking. The stop-cock pipe (which brings in water to the house.) is made of lead, and he won't be able to solder a new stop-cock into the pipe, and the water-connection for the washing-machine is made of plastic which will break as it is quite fragile, which will ALSO need to be replaced/repaired! So he has had to contact the landlord and so go through the process of getting the work done. It is likely to be another couple of days before anything can be done and in the meantime we're still having to deal with dripping water, putting buckets, bowls etc under the drip to collect the water etc etc. Not very pleasant and we still can't wash clothes and do washing up properly.
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