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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mixed Weather

It's been raining for most of the day. Quite heavily, infact, but, as I write this, the rain has stopped and the sun is out. Makes me laugh, though, as we're supposed to be in a drought in this part of England. What does make me cross, though, is that the water companies waste so much water with leaks. The gas company has been doing roadworks near here and it's been going on for weeks. Why on earth it has to take so long I can't imagine, but there's a real mess up the road and leading out of Eaglestone. As I came in the other day, there was a van parked up on the grass near the Redway, with a 'workman' inside, looking to me as if he was asleep, and there was WATER running down the gutter into a drain! I realise that workmen are entitled to a rest now and again, but why was this water being wasted when there is a hosepipe ban in operation around here? None of this makes any sense to me. Crazy world we live in.
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