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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sun Rots People's Brains

Well, the headline could refer, after second thoughts, to a well-known tabloid, but it doesn't actually have any connection, but after second thoughts . . . Better be careful, or I could get sued.

I had to nip to the shops to buy one or two things. On the way this man shot out of a side-road on a bicycle, with earphones stuck into each ear, so I wonder he could hear what was going on around him, or the cord didn't get caught in the bicycle's mechanism. Further along a young girl was dawdling along the road, almost in the gutter, at the same time she was texting on her mobile. You hear of people getting knocked over by cars whilst in the process of texting. There was a video shown on television the other day, no doubt it is on YouTube, or someone walking through a shopping centre somewhere or other, and not exactly paying attention to the world around her, and ending up in a fountain, or did she fall down an open manhole? I can't remember which. All I am saying is, the warm weather seems to make people's brains turn to mush. Not only that, but people's sense of style goes out of the window- and it's mostly men who dress in the most awful clothes, shorts and sandals, with horrible socks and even worse T-shirts. Then a woman, pushing a child in a buggy walked out into the road without looking where she was going, and almost got knocked over. How that child survives beyond it's 5th birthday I'll never know.
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