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Monday, July 23, 2012

At Last . . . The sunshine!

After weeks of rain, misery, being overcast, dull, grey etc. the sun has actually come out. As I write this it's really warm and sunny. The windows are open to air the house. The only problem is, the dogs can hear other dogs, or stray unknown sounds and bark. There is someone somewhere breaking rocks, bricks or something with a hammer and really annoying me. I can't write with that sound going on as it's a real distraction.

Other schools in Milton Keynes have already broken up for Summer, but not the Milton Keynes Academy. They don't let them out until Wednesday. Why? Pure meanness. For the past couple of years they've had something laid on specially for the staff, such as a barbecue. But not this year. Why? The previous principal treated her staff with respect. Not the current incumbent. Doesn't seem to care for his staff. I could say more, but I'd better not.

We've had problems with the driver's side front window on the car. It wouldn't wind up and down properly. The mechanism inside the door must have broken, or something. You could manage to pull the glass up so it would close, and it was necessary to keep it closed as it wouldn't wind up and down. But one day during the week I was going out to collect Carol from work when I was backing out of the drive there was an almighty crash as the glass fell to the bottom of the inside of the door and smashed into tiny fragments. At first I thought it had fallen out onto the road, and had to stop as there was a car coming along Golden Drive at the time, but, fortunately it didn't come out at all. It meant having to drive around with the window open and, with the weather being so unpredictable as regards rain, we taped a black binbag over the open car door to keep out the rain. But fortunately this is covered by the car's insurance, and they'll send someone out to repair the damage, but not until the end of the month as we have insufficient funds in the bank account to pay the £50 excess. I still reckon this is something of a rip-off that you pay all that cash in premiums and then when you have to have the car repaired, you still have to fork out £50 excess. Why? Just another clever way the insurance companies extract money from their customers, who just lay on their backs and kick their heals in the air and let them do it. Just like the greedy banks who put charges on their customer's accounts just to make a bit more profit.
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