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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Noisy Neighbours . . .again!

Strange sounds coming from 'next door.'  Drilling, a weird scraping or scratching sound. What's new? I saw a van draw up outside the house, and, looking out of the window, a load of workmen removing the garden fence next door. It would appear that they are having all new fencing. Will this effect us here? I doubt it. Our landlord doesn't seem too keen to spend a lot of money on fencing, even though it is well past it's best, bits are leaning precariously and need serious attention. You may recall in an earlier post I had trouble with our Yorkshire Terrier, Alfie, escaping through a hole in afore-mentioned fence. If the fence was in a poor condition then, it is far worse, and we've the winter to get through yet. As I write, there is absolutely no fence next door. Bits of old fence laying about (I tell all this as I can see directly into their garden.) and a stack of brand new fence leaning against ours. I hope it doesn't push ours over. Or, on second thoughts, perhaps it should, so we get ours replaced.
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