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Monday, November 26, 2012

Car Still Not Repaired

Our friend from church came to have a look at the car on Friday evening, regarding the locked steering wheel. He has no idea how to resolve this problem, although he has a friend in the car maintenence business who may be able to rectify the problem. I await a phone call this evening.

As regards the business of other drivers 'tail gateing' (driving right up close to the rear bumper of the car.) I saw an item on television the other evening where they were discussing a criminal act whereby people deliberately run into cars so as to claim insurance. Sounds very nasty, and could cause serious, even fatal accidents. It makes me wonder, having seeing this, if that is what has been going on with me, drivers deliberately trying to cause accidents by driving too close, so when you break they run into you, and then make a claim on your insurance. No wonder car insurance premiums are so high
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