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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Car Problem Resolved

We have managed to resolve the problem with the car, the fact that the steering-wheel was locked as the ignition key wouldn't turn. It was relieved by a small squirt of WD40. I discovered this when I rang the Hyundai dealer in Stony Stratford. I was told by the mechanic in their workshop that this was a common complain with Hyundai Atos. It usually happens when it is cold and damp, exactly the conditions we've been experiencing over the last couple of weeks. I emailed Carol at work and she bought home a can of WD40 from the Academy.

We decided to go into the Milton Keynes Central Shopping Centre to see the Christmas display in the Middleton Hall.  We parked in the multi-storey carpark near Debenhams and then walked  through the shopping centre. This is an annual event in Milton Keynes, and is usually a major draw for families with children. Very colourful and glittery (see last year's display mention in an earlier post.) I can't say it's the best they've done, because it's not, compared with other years. There's the same little train going round and round (we managed to get a free ride on this last year! See the earlier post.) but it seems a bit 'over the top' not a lot of restrain with the twinkly lights. Some of the fairy and elvish models, the animated ones, might actually scare little children. But it was still worth seeing it.
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