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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Colder Than Ever

No snow fell over-night, but it's bitterly cold this morning. And, to add to the misery, there's quite a thick fog hanging over everything, and completing the gloomy outlook. According to the B.B.C. weather forecast on television this morning, some parts of Britain are experiencing temperatures very much below zero. AND they are telling us that, by the weekend, we can expect more snow and lower temperatures. Yesterday the sun did make an appearance, but I doubt we'll see it today.

The car has been playing up. It sort of lurches now and again. Not easy to explain any other way, but really adding to the appeal of driving in the current wintry conditions. Perhaps it's something to do with the cold weather. Or the fact that we put so little petrol in when we fill up. Or it could be something to do with the petrol inlet thingy in the engine, not letting enough petrol into the whatever it's called. Or, like us, it just doesn't like the cold. Who can blame it?
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