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Monday, January 14, 2013

Heavy Snowfall and Word Processing Novel

The snow has been falling here steadily most of the morning. It's been rather like large feathers falling (as if feathers would fall- they would more likely drift on the breeze- but you get my meaning. Whether they would eventually fall is another matter.) 

I have been transferring what's left of my written material for my 'novel' onto Word. It takes a lot of time and effort. It is generally a rather boring task and I can spend no more than 15-20 minutes at a time doing it. I'm editing as I go along, making changes and rewriting bits here and there. I have written everything in longhand, using a pencil. I much prefer to write with a lead pencil as I can use a rubber to erase things. It makes it far more fluid. I just don't like to use a pen of any sort. I use an A4 punched pad of paper and then transfer the pages into a ring binder when they're filled up. That way I can interleaf notes and other sections of writing that are connected together. It also means that I can take the pages out of the binder when I word process a particular section and put the page near the computer as I write onto Word.

We don't have a working printer at present. We hope to get a Kodak printer eventually, as the ink cartridges are a good deal cheaper than other brands. Once we have the new printer I will print the pages that I've word processed out, double spaced, and read the 'hard copy' of the entire novel. I can  proofread this  copy and then alter the word processed version of the entire project.

As a result of all this work I've completely lost track of the time. The morning as go by so quickly and when I last looked at my watch it was 1.45.

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