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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Even deeper crisper and more . . . even

Walked Carol to the Academy this morning. Well, it didn't seem worth the effort to defrost the car and drive over.  Probably safer in the long run to walk at the moment rather than drive as there's the possibility of shunting into other cars if the road surface is too slippery. The snow is very crisp and even under our feet. I don't think 'even' is a very good description, actually, as most of it has been well trodden my many passing feet and the wheels of cars. The inner circle road is relatively clear but the pathways are inches deep in snow. It's a bit like walking on crunchy salt or even sugar icing. Infact, the whole scene crossing the footbridge looks like the classic Christmas cake decorations. Cars moving along Saxon Street with their lights on and a fog over all Milton Keynes.
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