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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Defrosted The Car

Well, since the car has been sitting on the drive since Friday, it seemed a good idea to get it started. The doors were frozen, so a dose of hot water poured over them soon got them working and the car opened up. It started without any problems. There is currently a big chunk of ice in the way to reverse over, but the road out of the estate is fairly snow free, apart from a few bits and pieces. Not a lot of traffic around as I came out onto Chaffron Way. No idiots who want to tailgate me, fortunately. I suppose after 9 a.m. most people have gone to work, so there's none of this attempting to force you off the road by coming up really close behind you as you are driving. There is quite a lot of fog about so it seemed sensible to drive carefully. A definite need to slow down and to avoid at all costs any slippery patches of ice which seem to be mostly around roundabouts.  I discovered that a book we'd had out out of the library was due back some time ago and had incurred a fine of £1.25. I drove to Westcroft where there is a branch library, although, on walking to the door found they didn't open until 10.00 even though the librarian saw me but craftily avoided eye contact. It meant I had 20 minutes to fill so I went into Morrison's for a few items. 

Why do they have an emergency number on the library door? Is it for people who run out of reading material and need a book at all costs, the latest thriller from John Grisham, or a Barbara Cartland romance, in the middle of the night? Or who can't bear the outcome of a Jane Austen novel and need counselling? Well, it does make you wonder why they have that on the door.

Got back to the library with about 2 minutes to spare. I suppose it's asking a bit much that they can see people waiting outside and couldn't open up a bit earlier? No. Of course not. It might be against regulations, or, dare I say it, health and safety. Well, I got inside as they opened up and managed to pay the fine. I don't know, there's something awful having to pay a fine for a book that is overdue. I don't think I've ever had one before, but I suppose there is a first time for everything.
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