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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tree Felling

I went to get my hair cut this morning. I go to a barber's at Monkston Park, which is a relatively short distance from Eaglestone down  Chaffron Way. I don't come out of the estate onto Saxon Street, which is virtually directly opposite to Milton Keynes Academy as it can be very difficult to turn right as the traffic can be very heavy which means you can sit waiting for a long time. So, I come out round near the Eaglestone shops, and onto Chaffron Way there. But this morning I couldn't get through as there was a tree across the road. Not something you see every day. I think the Council workmen (or the employees of the contractors, working on behalf of Milton Keynes Council.) are busily chopping down trees along Saxon Street, probably taking out diseased trees and generally opening up the groves of trees and bushes. Anyway, as I say, I couldn't get through, so I had to drive right round the inner ring road and come out from the Chaffron Way exit. We are really fortunate that whoever laid out Milton Keynes in the late '60's thought it a good idea to plant so many trees, and to bank up the sides of the roads so as to improve the environment and to also leave plenty of green space. For all that a lot of people criticize Milton Keynes for being ultra-modern, a 'blot on the landscape,' etc etc, I can say from the experience of living here that it is actually a very pleasant place to live. For example, the Redway system of cycle tracks or paths which criss-cross the town mean that if you ride a bicycle or want to walk you can do so without having to cross any of the main roads, as there are bridges and under-passes which allow you to do so. I have walked into the City centre along the Redways and it takes no more than 30 minutes.
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