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Monday, February 25, 2013

Car Booked for MoT and Service

I've been spending time looking for a good deal so we can have the car MoT'd and serviced. To those who read this outside the United Kingdom, an MoT is an annual test that all cars are required, by law, to have which are over three years old. It tests for such things as roadworthiness, emissions, brakes, lights etc. I found one garage on the internet which could do the combined MoT/Service for £95, and then rang our usual garage which quoted £146, so you must have guessed which one I went for and have now booked the car in for Thursday morning.

Our car, a Hyundai Atos, has been running really oddly for the past few months, jumping, juddering or however you want to describe it. Hopefully this will be rectified when it is serviced.

The weather has turned wet and miserable. Yesterday it snowed, leaving a powdery snow on the car and along the roadside, a bit like sugar crystals. It has been extremely cold in a wind which has been blowing steadily
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