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Sunday, March 17, 2013

. . . And More Rain . . . Again

Rain with snow mixed in with it, falling just before we went off to church this morning. I'm not sure what the term for this is, sleet, or whatever. But it's making everything extremely wet. There was ice on the car windscreen when I went to start the car. And it started first time, fortunately. There was a lot of water standing on the road at the entrance onto the roundabout on Saxon Street, where it couldn't drain away. The ground is so damp, due to the amount of rain and snow we've had over the past year or so, means that any fresh water produced by rain or snow, has nowhere else to run off. The roads around Milton Keynes have no camber, and there are no gutters along the edge of the road, so when it rains it is very likely going to pool around entrances/exits to roads coming off the gridroads. Whenever the verges are cut the cut grass is invariably just left to fall onto the edge of the roads and eventually block up the drains, making the likelihood for flooding much more likely.
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