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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Breakfast In Asda

We had to go shopping this morning, so Carol suggested we go to Asda and have breakfast in their restaurant there. Most supermarkets have their own restaurant where you can get a reasonable meal, and as we have had breakfast in our local Asda near the Milton Keynes football stadium we decided to go there. There was quite a queue at the counter when we got there. I stood in the queue while Carol went off to find some items in the near-by aisles, as we had left the trolley in the area where you could park it as you went into the restaurant. The queue went at snails-pace so Carol would be able to get the bits she wanted, and still come back and I hadn't got much closer to being served. I pushed the tray I had collected along the metal track you have in most self-service restaurants but after a good fifteen minutes we STILL hadn't got to the service area. I think the staff must have been on a go-slow or they were new and didn't know how to do the job, but it is the last time we go there for breakfast again. Annoying, when it's the beginning of Carol's Easter break and we were actually looking forward to a cooked breakfast, and particularly the fact that we didn't have to cook it. They may have been short of staff, but that would seem unlikely. I don't often have cooked breakfast, and neither does Carol, on a normal, work, day. It was a fairly good offer, £5 for a full English breakfast, together with toast and orange juice. After something like 25 minutes we eventually got to our table and Carol had also ordered two coffees. These turned out to have no milk in them and then we couldn't find any milk or sugar where one would expect it to be. There was insufficient cutlery in the cutlery tray, and by the time we got to actually EAT the food it was almost stone cold! Not a good experience and we certainly won't recommend this restaurant again. On top of all this a really delightful child was dragging a chair around the floor and making the most awful noise, enough to give you a permanent headache, and THEN a member of staff began making the same noise as part of their job when clearing tables.
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