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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cold and Snow

It's a really cold morning. The snow is still hanging around. There's not as much snow and ice on the paths as Carol and I walk to the Academy. Yesterday it was quite slippery, particularly on the footbridge over Saxon Street. You had to be really careful, or you were in danger of falling over, which is something we want to avoid, considering how Carol hurt her hand. There are primroses blooming along the path near the Academy, a sign that spring is attempting to show itself, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.

We have heard nothing as regards the cooker being fixed. We managed to make our evening meal yesterday without the use of the cooker. Just as well we had a microwave to cook part of the meal. I just hope our beloved landlord doesn't decide to try and fix the cooker himself, if what happened to the new washing machine is anything to go by (see earlier post regarding this.) If I don't hear anything from the agency by midday today I will ring again.
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