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Monday, March 25, 2013

Cooker Crisis

I came downstairs to make the usual mugs of tea early this morning, around 5.30.  I filled the kettle, and standing by waiting for it to boil. Teabags in mugs, sugars, milk out of fridge. Let dogs out. Usual sort of routine. Kettle boils, pour water into mugs, wait a minute to brew. Give a quick stir and add milk. Then I hear a strange popping noise coming from the cooker. Also, odd sort of smell. Not sure what it was. Last used the cooker to cook our meal last evening, so quite a few hours previously. Odd popping noise after a minute or two and then click or pop from cupboard where fuse is. Strange. Report this to Carol in bedroom. No clear idea what's going on or what caused this. Turned off mains power near cooker and reported to rental agency at 9 a.m. Can't speak direct, as number redirected to an answering system but left recorded message. Awaiting response to said recorded message. Trust fixed urgently or we can't cook meal tonight. Have to use microwave or improvise using other method of cooking. Think, one problem after another. Snow, car, Carol's problem with hand etc etc. Just have to see what happens and will post on here.
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