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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Milton Keynes Half Marathon

We knew that today the Milton Keynes Half Marathon was on, and that some of the roads round this area were to be closed off for several hours. The organisers had even gone to the trouble of leafletting houses along the course, but we didn't realize it was going directly past our house. We were on duty at the 10 a.m. service at Milton Keynes Christian Centre and had to be there for 9.20, so it's as well we did leave early, and found we couldn't get out of Eaglestone by the exit which is directly opposite the Academy, having to go out on to Chaffron Way near the shops. The weather had turned decidedly wintery, and by the time we got to the church carpark in Oldbrook it was beginning to snow. As I write this mid-afternoon, there is absolutely no sign of any snow having settled, so we may have to wait and see if we get more and have a white-out like we had earlier in the winter.
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