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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Signs Of Spring?

The weather is somewhat deceptive at present. The sun is out, and it appears to be bright and warm, but when you get outside it is quite cold. There was ice on the windscreen and windows of the car early this morning, but some hot water soon melted it so we could drive out. There are crocuses coming out, along with daffodils and snowdrops along the verges on some of the gridroads around Milton Keynes. Yesterday evening we drove out of Milton Keynes to give the car a run after it's service and MoT. It hasn't had a long run for some while and it did it good to be able to run out along the A5 and come off near Woburn and then drive through the deer park. We didn't get a very good view of the deer as they were hiding away from the main road which runs through the park. It was really great to have some sunshine after all the snow and ice of the past few months. Let's hope the summer is better than the sodden 'summer' we had to endure last year. If that's the case we will be able to get out and visit some National Trust properties and not be cooped up indoors.
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