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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Has Spring Really Sprung?

The birdies are singing their little hearts out. The sun is shining. Infact, it's quite warm today. The dogs are running in and out of the house through the patio doors and into the garden. There are primroses blooming all along the Redway leading to the Academy. So, can we now say that Spring has AT LAST arrived? I truly hope so. We took the dogs for a walk towards the canal along the Redway when Carol had finished work yesterday evening. We wore Alfie out, as he runs backwards and forwards and barked frantically as we attempted to walk along. He visits every single tree as we walk along, and cocks his leg, as all dogs do, but not only that, he does this comical thing, scratching in the dust, leaves, or whatever,and throwing it all up behind him, and barking excitedly. We almost get run into by a man on a bicycle. If we hadn't been so on-the-ball, there might have been a really quite nasty accident. People who ride bicycles along the Redway should be a little more careful, particularly when there are people walking. We got as far as the underpass which goes under the road and began to walk home. When we got in, and, having taken the dogs off their leads, Alfie lay on the floor, panting. It seems we had worn him out.
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