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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Landlord Refuses To Replace Worn-Out Oven

The seemingly endless saga of the worn out oven has had some sort of resolution. It would appear that our cheese-pairing, cheapskate landlord won't replace our/his oven which I have reported on here had given up and caused me some little concern when it exploded (I do exaggerated, but if I say 'popped' it sounds a bit pathetic!) Apparently he won't cough up for a new one because he says it was new around 15 months ago, when the last one died the death. The truth of the matter is, this one was CHEAP, a Bush AE56SW and came from Argos, so don't bother wasting your money on a Bush electric oven from Argos.  Perhaps if he'd spent out a good deal more then the confounded thing MIGHT conceivably have lasted a bit longer. It has worn very poorly, it takes an eternity to warm up, the front panel has paint  that is chipping off (or whatever covering the front is covered in) and the plates are rusting really badly. I think for a relatively new oven it hasn't done very well at all. Please don't bother buying this model as it is not worth the money. I know it's the cheapest oven (or was, I don't think it is in the Argos catalogue any longer, and I can see why if this is the quality.) As we won't expect a replacement from our beloved landlord any day soon, we have decided to wait until the end of the month and buy our own. Considering what happened with the washing machine and the mess that was caused when the landlord got someone who had no idea about plumbing to install it and didn't remove the restraining bolts on the back of the machine (see earlier post.) and the ensuing problems with the plumbing near the sink (we have had a constant drip from the point where the washing machine is plumbed into the water pipe and have had a bucket there to collect the water that drips since then.) I'm not in the least bit surprised by our lack of help with the cooker. The simple fact of the matter is he DOESN'T WANT TO SPEND ANY MONEY on this house! Perhaps the landlord has forgotten the address of this house and don't know the way here. It is, of course, absolutely likely as he hasn't set foot in it for a good while now.

We have managed to do quite well without the oven, surprisingly. We have managed to cook some meals using the microwave as well as the George Foreman grill, and have cooked a couple of meals in the slow cooker, even making Bolognaise sauce in this really useful kitchen gadget. It's really surprising how you can manage when 'push comes to shove.' We've also had several salads so we've eaten relatively healthily, but even so it has caused a certain amount of inconvenience.
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