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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tickets to see gameshow 'Pointless'

We've got tickets to see a recording of the hit B.B.C. 1 gameshow 'Pointless'. Yes, I know, I did mention in an earlier post that we got tickets to see this, but unfortunately it clashed with something else, so we didn't go. This time we're determined to go. It records at the studios in Elstree, just over the road from the B.B.C. studios where 'EastEnders' is made. I worked on the B.B.C. drama series 'House Of Cards' when I was a supporting artiste and we were supposed to be journalists outside Number 10 Downing Street. I did manage to get to look round the 'EastEnders' 'lot'  as the set I was on was right next to the outdoor set.
The recording is on 21st May, so I'll have to post on here how we got on, but I can't wait to see this show as we're both fans.
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