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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mowing The Lawn And Other Gardening Events Of Importance

We spent this morning mowing the lawns, back and front, with our new Flymo lawn mower. Carol did some and so did I. It's surprisingly easy, considering that the lawn (for want of a better description) is so awful. It's such a rough bit of ground with more ups and downs than the Scottish Highlands, and a really tusky kit of old grass that would need a sythe to cut it if it were left much longer.) The bit of grass is easier to cut as the ground is flatter. We have tried our best to block some holes in the fence as it is in desperate need of repair. Alfie nearly got out through a hole in the gate and I managed to haul him back the other day, and have now managed to bring in the pallet from the front garden which had the IKEA catalogues delivered on it and had been parked there from when I distributed them around the estate. We broke up the old table which was in the house and used bits of that to patch up another area of the fence, and, in general, the garden is looking a good deal better. The landlord is really responsible for all this, but we're having enough problems regarding the cooker without mentioning the fence.

The landlord is now arguing about the oven. The agency rang on Friday and they have apparently got hold of the man. By the neck, would be the best thing, as far as we're concerned. Now arguing about whether the oven should be replaced or repaired, and saying it shouldn't need replacing as it was new 18 months ago. It's just not up to the job, if the truth be known. It was cheap, which is half of the problem. It has rusted badly, and then, to cap it all, it has exploded on two occasions, as I have mentioned elsewhere, without it even being switched on. The last time was a few days ago, when I was cleaning it. Not nice. Frankly, very dangerous. I will post more on this as things develop.
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