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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Creative Writing

As you will have realised if you follow me here regularly, I haven't posted anything here for a week or two, so I'm making up for this by posting this today.  One of the reasons is that I'm currently writing what I'd call a 'multi-strand' novel. It has inter-linked elements, using some of the same characters, and it's set in and around the same locations. I am uploading some of it to two online sites, Booksie and Wattpad, which I have discovered having read an article about them in a magazine I subscribe to, Writing Magazine. I know, not a particularly imaginative title, but full of amazing information which I don't think I would have found anywhere else. As a result, I can highly recommend it to aspiring writers, whatever area of writing it happens to be. I write using paper and pencil. I just prefer this method. I don't like pen and ink. Perhaps it's because you can erase pencil so easily. I've been through several drafts, saving all that  I've written in a ring binder ( I write on A4 punched paper.) and keep all my notes and revisions in this binder. Once I have got what I've written up to a standard I'm happy with, I then put it on word processing and it is this which is then cut and pasted into the online writing sites.

The good thing about these sites, Booksie and Wattpad, is that you can read other people's work and then comment. Like Facebook and elsewhere you can 'like' authors and their writing and you can make comments. Constructive criticism is always better than negative. Some people can be quite nasty, which it is best to avoid. If you make comments then you are more likely to build up a following for your work. 

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