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Thursday, June 06, 2013

Tailgating To Be Made Illegal

I see from the BBC television news that the Government is to make tailgating an offence. I have mention in earlier posts how I constantly get drivers coming up very close to me as I drive around Milton Keynes (although  this has happened on roads elsewhere.) and try to push you out of the way just because you're driving a small car and they think you are driving too slowly (usually well within the speed limit.) Also, you will be fined if you are caught hogging the central lane on a Motorway. This does happen frequently when we drive anywhere on Britain's Motorway system. I believe this central lane is for overtaking and not a lane for drivers to take over almost for their exclusive use. It really is quite difficult to keep within the legal speed limit as it is without being forced to go faster just because someone else insists you go faster. I had several occasions when I was driving around Milton Keynes as  a home carer where drivers were using really dangerous methods of driving to get you out of the way. On one occasion I was driving to one of my evening calls in Bletchley, minding my own business, and driving well within the speed limit, when this Transit van came up behind me extremely closely, with three large workmen in it. They wanted to get me to get out of the way, which I wasn't going to do, but then began weaving about all over the road in a quite aggressive and intimidating manner, to such a degree that I had to pull over in a layby and let them go past. On three occasions I was run into by cars as I approached roundabouts (as you may, or, indeed, may not be aware, Milton Keynes is renowned for it's roundabouts.) merely because these cars are driven by people who imagine they don't have to stop at a roundabout and anyone who gets in the way will just get hit. I have since learned from watching television that there is a scam going whereby drivers deliberatly run into other cars so as to claim compensation for these false accidents.
I understand that they have also increased the fine for driving whilst using a mobile phone. A good thing, but I often wonder how on earth you police this, as I see so many people flouting the law and brazenly driving with a mobile stuck to their ear and with no thought given to the safety aspect. How many actually get caught, as there are never any police around at the time I see this. And similarly with tailgating.

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