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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New Neighbour Introduces Himself

Had a knock on the front door mid-morning. It turned out to be our new neighbour, Gary, introducing himself, and giving me a bag of cooking apples he'd been given. I said we were surprised by the rapid departure of the last family and he said they'd done a house swap.Previous family went to Cornwall.  Which explains things. I said I apologized for our dog's behaviours regarding their cats, and he just said 'dogs just hate cats!' One of his children will be going to Milton Keynes Academy next year, so no doubt Carol will end up teaching her. I will now be able to make apple and blackberry crumble now I have some apples.
As I write this, it's pouring with rain. The temperature has dropped considerably. I was going out to pick some more blackberries but I'll have to wait until the rain stops. No doubt we'll be putting on the central heating if it gets much colder.
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