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Friday, February 07, 2014

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Well, there seems to be absolutely no let-up with the constant rain we've been having lately. It began before Christmas and is still unrelenting in it's intensity.

I was supposed to have started my creative writing course on 21st January but I was rung up the morning of that day  by someone at Milton Keynes Arts Centre to be informed that the course leader, Deborah Fielding,  was ill and so that evening's session would not be taking place. The same thing happened the following Tuesday and then this week they rang on Monday morning to tell me that because Deborah was still not well and not likely to be well enough to lead the course, the whole course would now be cancelled. All those who were booked on the course would have their fees repaid in full and Deborah would write to us all and send us an 'encouragement pack.' I have to say I'm disappointed as I was really looking forward to this course. The one-day creative writing course I'd been on in November was really good and I found it very useful, not least because I gained a certain amount of confidence in my writing, perhaps because we shared what we wrote on that day. Writing in general can be a somewhat lonely occupation and it's good to meet other writers and sharing is quite an important part of the creative process. No doubt the course will be set up at a later date but as I write this I have a ring-binder full of completed and part-completed material, most of which needs heavy editing and proof-reading.
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