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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Fence Collapses Again

This morning I was sitting in the lounge reading when there was an almighty crash outside. I looked out of the window in the pouring rain and the gale-force wind and discovered that that section of fence which blew down a few weeks ago has again fallen over. It looks well beyond repair as the slats are coming apart from the frame-work.  I Can't  honestly see it surviving much longer in it's current state.  The landlord has been told on several occasions about the state of the fence but seems totally oblivious to our requests for some sort of repair or even replacement of the fence. Not so much a fence as a pile of rotting timber. Considering what we pay in rent i'm sure some of the money could be used to maintain this property. We still have heard nothing as regards a further inspection. If they were to come on Saturday then to be honest they should have informed us a good week in advance, which they haven't. I doubt that they will bother to come at all as they did last year when we were put to a lot of bother cleaning the place and they didn't turn up in the end. No apology or any sort of reason why they didn't come, which was annoying.
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