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Monday, March 24, 2014

Sunny but frosty

We woke up this morning to find it was quite frosty outside. Looking out of the bedroom window there was a slight frosting on the garden shed and along the top of the fence ('fence' and 'shed' are being kind as both are really poor excuses for both. The shed is in a very sorry state, with the door off and propped against the opening to prevent the dogs going inside. The neighbour's cat seems to spend some of it's time inside, which is why Alfie keeps going up to the shed door and has been known to venture inside. Unfortunately there is a hole at the back of the shed which goes out through onto the strip of trees bordering the Redway which runs past the rear of this property. The fence is so full of holes there is more hole than actual 'fence.') The car had a layer of ice on the windscreen which I removed by pouring warm water over it. Then, when Carol went to leave for work we couldn't get the driver's side door to open, due no doubt to being frozen up, so I remained at home as she drove off. No need for me to have the car today so no worries. The sun will melt off the remaining ice and it should turn out to be quite a pleasant sort of day. Generally quite deceptive because you look out and think 'Oh, it's sunny, so it must be quite warm!' but once you get out of the front door the chill hits you, so you decide to go back in and find something warmer to wear. Last Sunday I went to church and wore a short-sleeved shirt, but this Sunday it was a good deal colder and wore a long-sleeved shirt. Shows how the weather changes so rapidly at this time of year.
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