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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Sunny Spring Morning, But Frosty

It's a bright and sunny morning, but it's quite frosty. I had to defrost the car's windscreen and I have put the central heating on briefly. If we have sun the lounge in this house does eventually warm up so the heating can be turned off, but it does take a while. 

As it's Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day) I have made the batter for pancakes for this evening's meal. It doesn't take more than five minutes and the batter is now standing with a plate over it ready for this evening. I can't believe you can buy ready-made batter in the supermarket or, indeed, ready-prepared pancakes. They are so easy to make. I have to say pancakes have to be one of my favourite foods and I've always been good at making batter. The longer you leave the made-up batter the better the pancakes. 

We had our evening meal last night and then took the dogs out for a walk across the park, even though it was dark.  It was gone 7 o'clock as we eventually left the house. It's no good saying 'walk' with the dogs within ear-shot as it gets them excited. Alfie, in particular, becomes like the Tasmanian Devil in the Warner Brother's cartoons. He takes ages to be put in his harness as he barks and can get quite aggressive. I think he's like a coiled spring whenever we take him out for a walk. He seems to really love being out and runs around happily. We took a torch as it was difficult to see where Alfie had run off to. It was better to keep to the paths as they have lights on them. Alfie has a habit of running off, barking, then coming back to us. He never goes out of our range of eyesight. As a result he must run three, four or fives times the distance we walk. Poppy just plods along slowly and is no problem. Only thing is she has a tendency to nose around in people's gardens as we walk past. 
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