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Sunday, March 02, 2014

Three Sunday Services at Milton Keynes Christian Centre

Starting today there are now three services on a Sunday morning at our church, Milton Keynes Christian Centre. We have been going there for a good 3-4 years. When we began there services were held in the original auditorium, but since then a new auditorium has been built which can hold around 500 people. Numbers have been steadily growing with around 1,000 people visiting and enjoying worship on a Sunday. So this is why an extra service was put on and we went to the very first one at 9 a.m. today. The other two are at 10.45 and 12.30. Strudwicks coffee shop is part of M.K.C.C. and is to be found in the foyer. All those who came to the 9 a.m. service got a free coffee and a mini muffin and we were allowed to take this into the service. Normally you're not supposed to take food or drink into the auditorium, but this was such a monumental occasion it was obviously felt necessary as a sort of 'carrot' to get people to come so early on a Sunday morning.
The service ended at around 10.25. We stayed to chat with several people and then we left. You have to park away from the church precinct as there isn't really room for too many cars and you mustn't park on the near-by streets in Oldbrook, so you have to park at Milton Keynes college carpark and either walk to M.K.C.C. along the Redway or take one of the Plus Busses which are put on to ferry people to and from the carpark. Those little green busses are a familiar sight around Milton Keynes and are intended for those with a disability, are elderly or can't access the regular public transport system. We decided to walk back to the car and then Carol had to take a book to a young girl she tutors who lives not far from M.K.C.C. Then we went home and then, as we got into Eaglestone estate Carol asked me whether I wanted a sunday paper. I said I did want one so we were on our way to Waitrose in Chaffron Way and were coming out of the estate and driving round the inner-ring road that encircles Eaglestone and about to come out onto Marlborough Street when we both saw a man lying on the grass at the side of the road. At first it wasn't clear whether he was asleep or injured so we had to stop the car and get out so we could approach him in order to verity whether he needed help. Having been trained in First Aid all my training began to snap into action. I was wondering whether he was dead at first as when we stopped the car he didn't make any movement.  In no way could we drive on without stopping. I was unsure whether he had had some sort of epileptic seizure or had fallen over and hit his head or been injured in some other way, but on getting nearer its was very obvious that he had been drinking due to the strong smell of alcohol on his breath. His speech was extremely slurred and when he eventually stood up he could barely walk. We didn't know whether he needed to go to Accident and Emergency, which after a short while it was clear that he didn't need to go to the hospital, but  he said he wanted to be taken home. He told us he lived in Broughton, and was able to direct us to his home, when he eventually got into the front of the car with me sitting in he rear. We drove down Chaffron Way and eventually found his home and left him knocking on the door. He said that his wife would be very annoyed with him as he presumably had gone out alone drinking somewhere in Milton Keynes, whether he had met up with friends the previous night it wasn't clear and we didn't remain outside his house to discover whether he was able to gain access to his home. It was good enough that we were able to give him a lift home after a very heavy drinking night but with so many strange people about he could easily have been injured so I'm glad we were able to help him.
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