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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Weather Changes and Nearly an Accident

After a few days of bright and sunny weather, today is overcast and windy. Never mind. We are still in March. As I write this it is actually bright and sunny and the wind seems to have dropped. Can it never make it's mind up?

Carol had a doctor's appointment at 8 this morning. It was fortunately pre-booked, so we decided to go to Asda as she wanted to buy a special top as Friday (tomorrow) is Sports Relief Day.   At the Academy they are supposed to wear something sporty with red in it, (presumably as red is the signature colour of this charity.) For those who don't know what this is, it's a charity event to raise money for various UK and overseas charities and is part of Comic Relief, and these events are held alternate years. I presume they are raising money at the Academy for this event and staff have to dress up in sports-related clothing. I know no more than that. We had a good look through the clothing racks in the George clothing department (George being the clothing brand of Asda, if you don't already know.) as I would like a similar top as we'd looked at the Asda website earlier but couldn't then see the one I liked in the store. Perhaps it will be in next week as we'll go back and have a look then. Carol selected the top she wanted and then we picked up some other items we needed including milk and then went to pay.

We had parked the car in the football stadium carpark, which is immediately next to Asda. (The gym,  of which we are members, D.W., is further round within the stadium precincts.) It's actually easier to park in there and walk through rather than going into Asda's carpark. When we had finished our bit of shopping we walked back to the car. We drove out of the carpark round the stadium and out into the grid road and turned towards the Academy along Saxon Street. As we did so we suddenly had a B.M.W. coming towards us on the wrong side of the road, which was over-taking around half-a-dozen cars. If we had been driving any faster we would have hit this car face on and we might not now be here to tell the tale. It was somewhat scary, to say the least. I don't know what the actual speed of that car was, but it must have been 5-60 m.p.h. There would have been a very large pile-up and a lot of injuries if there had been an impact. It doesn't bear thinking about, but it shook us up quite considerably.

Having got to the doctor's surgery in Beanhill we had to queue up outside as it was around 7.50, but as Carol's appointment was pre-booked we could go straight in and sign in using the computerised system. This hasn't always been working but, fortunately, it was now operating perfectly. After her appointment we drove home towards the Academy.
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